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Safety - Open trench dangers to pedestrians and traffic; including cave-ins, un-contained trench debris, and failed protection systems are alleviated.

Convenience - Business owners, homeowners, and commuters are not inconvenienced by traffic snarls due to lane closure.

Productivity - Installed footage per day exceeds open trenching, reducing your project construction time significantly.  The ability to work in more adverser weather detracts from weather related down time.

Utility Conflict Reduction - Increasingly congested utility corridors and easements make it very difficult to place cable or conduit.  We solve this dilemma by using both advanced electronic tracking systems and vacuum excavation equipment to safely place new products.

Reduction of Environmental Impact - Run-off from job-site excavations is minimized.  Regulatory restrictions related to excavations in wetlands and other sensitive areas will be reduced.

Pipe Bursting - Trenchless can be utilized for replacing and up-sizing pipeline in place.   Existing pipe can be replaced in a one-pass operation, many times up-sizing the pipeline diameter at the same time.

Cost Saving -- All of the above combine to give you an installation, which is more cost effective then conventional methods of construction.  In addition to lower initial costs, subsequent cost related to call-backs (landscaping, sunken trenches, cleanup, etc.) are virtually nonexistent.